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Grand Premier


Mericat Macon Progress


(silver tabby)


Grand Champion


Stedam Stamp-of-Approval of Mericat, DM


(blue tabby)



Grand Champion


Stedam De' Ja Vu of Mericat




  Grand Premier Mericat Alice Miller

( Blue Silver Patched Tabby )


Grand Champion Mericat Patchwork Quilt



Silver Patched tabby & White


Grand Champion


Mericat Macon Bred of Karleton


(cream cameo tabby)


Grand Premier


Tsu-Kee-Ah-Kee Pink Lemonade


(cameo tabby)


Grand Champion


Mericat Valentino of Silver Fire


(brown tabby)


owned by Kathy Whitson (Silver Fire Cattery


Mericat Some Like It Kinky of Vibrations

owned by Helen & Thorsten Zimmer ( Vibrations Cattery Germany )